The ultimate networking opportunities are now available!!

After hours, it’s time to get back to making real-life connections. This year, at WLF 2022 Europe, we’re bringing back the immersive networking experience.

What better way to meet Legal’s decision-makers, spark amazing conversations, and win game-changing business than over delicious food, and energising networking?

After all, you’ll not only be doing business worth millions of dollars, but you’ll also be having the time of your life while doing it.

Let’s make up for lost time and prepare for one of Legal’s most memorable nights. Take a look below to see what kind of networking opportunities you’ll have each day.

Breakfast Meet

Breakfast Meet is an unrivalled morning networking.

Breakfast Meet is the ultimate opportunity to network with like-minded legal professionals, successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and potential partners and funders.

It also represents the ultimate platform to connect with future customers and key strategic alliances. You will meet with people who will inspire and drive you and share strategies about what’s working.

Networking Made Fun

Engaging Networking Games to Make Networking Fun

It’s all about making connections at events between attendees, an organisation and its members, and a brand and its target audience. The thought of approaching random strangers who they know nothing about isn’t a walk in the park.

We’re bringing more effective, engaging, efficient, and fun ways of networking! Each day, one game :

  1. Once upon a Time
  2. In the Courtroom
  3. Catch me if you Can…

Coffee & Lunch Breaks

Lunch & Coffee Networking Break – a great way to network while also relaxing.

When you hear chit-chat and laughter in the hallways and meeting break areas, you know you’re on your way to a successful networking session. The food is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any event to plan.

The Lunch & Coffee Networking Break is the ideal opportunity to meet like-minded lawyers, successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and potential partners and funders.

It also serves as the ideal platform for connecting with potential customers and strategic partners. You’ll meet people who will motivate and inspire you and share successful strategies.

Let’s Connect at Amsterdam!

Over 200 companies are represented at WLF 2022 Europe. Industry leaders are catching up, making deals, and forging connections amid the hustle and bustle of the market.

Connection Lounge

Do you prefer to connect with people during the day?

Don’t worry; the Connections Lounge is open all day for you to network and do business on the show floor.

Your net worth is determined by the strength of your network. You can unlock key opportunities and connect with the industry’s best minds by attending a networking event on everyday of WLF 2022 Europe.