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Zal Phiroz

Zal Phiroz

Zal Phiroz

Partner at Pier Consulting Group | United States

Dr. Zal Phiroz is an expert on global supply chain management, and a professor specializing in supply chain analytics, operations management and data analytics.  Faculty appointments within the area of supply chain management have included University of California San Diego, Harvard University, and University of Southern California.

In addition to several years of industryexperience at Procter & Gamble, Dr. Phiroz consults on supply chain projects with various Fortune 500 firms, and engages in litigation consulting on product liability and injury, vulnerabilities in manufacturing, distribution, and quality assurance.  He has spoken at numerous international conferences including OPAL, Intermodal, and ByPi, and is regularly invited as a guest lecturer on industry related supply chain topics.

In addition to several supply chain and procurement designations, Dr. Phiroz holds a PhD in Supply Chain Management (Hierarchical decision making patterns for the placement of physical supply chain entities), MBA, BS Honors (Computer Information Systems), BCS (Computer Science).

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