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Turintsev Grigory Valentinovich

Turintsev Grigory Valentinovich

Executive director at IPChain Association | Moscow, Russia

Graduated from the Faculty of Law in the National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE) with a degree in banking and finance law.
In 2003 Turintsev became the Head of the Legal Department in the Representative Office of Aitek Management financial and investment holding, a group of companies, specializing in property development in Moscow, Moscow and Tver regions.

In 2013 Turintsev became the Commercial Director of the Hollywood Reporter. Russian Edition – the only  licensed publication in the world for film and television. He has experience in the sphere of integrated rights management.
Since July, 2017, he holds the position of the Commercial Director at n’RIS, where he is focused on creation and development of n’RIS – a digital innovation project designed for creation, storage, protection and monetizing of intellectual property rights, including, first of all, objects of copyright and related rights, as well as registered trademarks, patented inventions, utility models and industrial designs. In February 2019, Turintsev was in charge for the launch of the IPChain Association (“National Coordination Center for Processing Transactions with Rights and Objects of Intellectual Property”). The IP chain project is a decentralized distributed blockchain-powered ledger of intellectual property, set up to create the national network to facilitate transactions with IP rights and IP objects.
In 2019, Turintsev became the Executive Director of the IPChain Association

Legal school of the State University – The Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia (2003)
Legal Academy M-Logos, a degree in Intellectual Property, Moscow, Russia (2019)

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