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Robert Duffield

Robert Duffield

Executive Chairman of Greylist Trace Limited | United Kingdom

Robert Duffield is Executive Chairman of Greylist Trace Limited, which was launched last year to bring ‘Greylist’ to the global market

‘Greylist’ is revolutionary asset-tracing software which will transform the asset-recovery industry.

Robert has been working in business intelligence for over 20 years, following a prestigious career as an investigative journalist for BBC TV and Channel 4.  He played a key role in uncovering new evidence that led to the release of a number of wrongly convicted prisoners by the Court of Appeal.

In 1999 he founded Y Ltd, which specialises in digital investigations and cyber security. The company takes on highly sensitive assignments, including litigation support, data-mining and asset-tracing. Greylist was developed and trialled by the Y Team.

From 2003-2013 Bob was elected to the Guildhall in the City of London. He was Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee and a member of the City of London Police Committee – the UK’s lead agency on economic crime investigation.

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