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Humayoon Khan

Humayoon Khan

Humayoon Khan

Lawyer atHigh-Court Peshawar & Member at KP-Bar Council | Pakistan

Humayoon khan is member of KP-Bar Council, and regular practicing  lawyer of High-Court  Peshawar, KP Pakistan. Being a social entrepreneur and human rights defender he is providing free legal assistance to Pakistani communities through Strengthening Rule Of Law Programme (SRLP) funded by UNDP.

He stresses the need for a greater involvement of the people in order to identify and bridge the gaps in the existing justice system. He believes that “Not only the law enforcing agencies, judiciary, prosecution and bar associations need to be consulted, but the views of the common man should also be taken into account. His role in the integration of both formal and informal justice mechanisms are worth mentioning.

He has worked extensively by his own and though network of volunteer lawyers and paralegals, supported democratic development and the promotion and protection of rule of law in Pakistan. His team is committed to complementing the Government’s efforts to establish writ of the state and address related gaps in the justice sector.

He has highlighted issues with  judiciary, police, prosecution, alternate dispute resolution, access to justice and free legal aid in collaboration with relevant agencies at district levels under the guidance and strategic direction of Peshawar High Court, Home, P&D, Local Government, Law, Police and Prosecution Departments, NGO’s and Bar Associations.

He has completed his studies in the field of law and sociology from his home country and United Kingdom and played his active part in the social and community development by working with International Rescue Committee USA, Public Interest Law Group PILnet Hungary, Sarhad Rural Support Programme SRSP Pakistan, HUJRA organization, MIFT organization and many more. He regularly take awareness session with the downtrodden people and highlights the issues faced by the them on FM channels, through his articles in news papers and magazines. His case studies and success stores has created a greater awareness among the general masses.

He expresses his satisfaction with legal achievements such as empowering the vulnerable part of the community especially the women and girls by educating them about their basic fundamental human rights in various domains. He is now a regular speaker on national and international forums.

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