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Daniel Malaquini

Daniel Malaquini

Daniel Malaquini

Director Litigation at Director Litigation | Austria

Litigation and Compliance Lawyer since 2004, worked for 2 of the biggest Law Firms in South America (MMSO and TozziniFreire) for 10 years (2000/2010) moved to the private company sectors where is currently working as the head of Audit, Risk Management and Compliance for Africa.

Holds 2 LLms in Sao Paulo – Brazil (Contracts and Corporate) and a double graduation MBA in Vienna – Austria and Minneapolis, US.

Highest Achievements: litigation mainly in the energy sector; actively participation in dozens of M&A transactions from small to big sizes; disarticulated a group of piracy (signal theft) that was causing a 10 million euro/month loss to the Company; disarticulated a money laundering company that used Philippines and Eastern Countries as a facade; successfully implemented 75 contract templates that brought new standards to the whole company’s legal procedures and documents; and saved 80 million euros over 3 years by negotiating breaches of agreements; reduced cement stealing by 90 per cent in little over one year in Mozambique; accomplished a zero death rate in South Africa for the last 3 years and close to zero accidents; Create a program that protected the company against corruptions, externally and internally (close to 20.000 people were involved in a 11 month work that consumed around 16 hours a day), implemented a culture integration and compliance on the post-merger with a company twice the size of the prior

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