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Brusnikina Valeria Vladimirovna

Brusnikina Valeria Vladimirovna

Brusnikina Valeria Vladimirovna

Vice-president , IPChain Association | Russia

Vice-president at the IPChain Association (National Coordination Centre for Transactions with Rights and Objects of Intellectual Property).

Deputy director general (National

ledger for intellectual property)

General director LLC ForMax

Director for development at the

Russian Union of Rightholders

In September 2017, with the support of the Skolkovo Foundation, Valeria participated in the launch of the IPChain Association (“National Coordination Center for Processing Transactions with Rights and Objects of Intellectual Property”).

From November 2017 until present Valeria holds the position of the General Director at Formax LLC

Education:All-Russian State Tax Academy,  degree in Management Psychology (2005), MBA Strategic Management in MIRBIS (2008), Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property, degree in Patent (2017), First Certificate in English University of Cambridge

The IPChain Association was established in 2017 by the Foundation for development of the New Technologies Development and Commercialization Centre (The Skolkovo Foundation), All-Russian Organization of Intellectual Property (ROIP), National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian Union of Right Holders (RURH), Saint Petersburg National Research Centre for Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russian Authors Society, Partnership for protection and management of rights in arts (PPMRA), Novy Vek bank.

The main goal of the Association is implementing the IPChain project designed for shaping the national network of transactions of rights and objects of intellectual property. Leading participants of intellectual property sphere are actively involved in the development of the network of “infrastructure of trust.”

The national project IPChain is a unified solution designed for the sphere of intellectual property. It opens up the opportunities for collaboration with a wide range of participants from different economy sectors.

The IPChain Association is the official member o the blockchain-powered Hyperledger consortium created by Linux Foundation to further cross industry blockchain-powered technologies.The IPChain Association is also a member of the Laboratory for Future Law Innovation Programs (FLIP) of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).

In 2019, the IPChain Association became a member of the European Legal Tech Association ELTA (European Legal Technology Association), the association of leading European law and technology companies, start-ups and consortiums of developers.

The IPChain project brings together over dozen major organizations, accumulating and producing intellectual property assets.

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