US Attorney for Massachusetts to Step Down Following DOJ Investigation

The final report on U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins has not yet been made available by the inspector general of the Justice Department.
BOSTON — The U.S. lawyer for Massachusetts, Rachael Rollins, will leave after an extended Equity Office morals examination concerning her appearance at a political pledge drive and different issues.

The final report has not been made public by the inspector general of the Justice Department. However, Rollins’s attorney stated on Tuesday that she intended to send her resignation letter to President Joe Biden by Friday night.

“She is hopeful that the significant work she began will go on however comprehends that her presence has turned into an interruption,” Rollins’ lawyer, previous Equity Office Reviewer General Michael Bromwich, said in an explanation. ” Crafted by the workplace and the Branch of Equity is unreasonably critical to be eclipsed by anything more.”

Rollins’ resignation was previously reported by the Associated Press. A spokesperson for the Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment, nor did a spokesperson for the department’s inspector general.

Rollins started to confront examination after she showed up at a Majority rule Public Panel pledge drive at a Massachusetts home last July that included first woman Jill Biden. She guarded herself at that point, tweeting that she “had endorsement to meet Dr. Biden and left ahead of schedule” to talk at two local area occasions.

In November, the Associated Press reported that the inspector general’s office had opened an investigation into Rollins’ attendance at the fundraiser. This investigation also looked into other things, like how she used her personal phone for business.

Rollins was confirmed as the principal Individual of color to act as U.S. lawyer for Massachusetts in January 2022. She served as district attorney for Boston and three communities nearby.

Sens were drawn to Rollins’ innovative approach to law enforcement. D-Mass., Elizabeth Warren and Massachusetts’ Ed Markey, who prescribed her to be the state’s top government examiner. However, Rollins’ refusal to prosecute a list of 15 low-level crimes prompted Republicans to attempt to prevent her elevation. To keep her nomination moving forward, Vice President Kamala Harris had to break a tie twice by casting votes that broke the tie.

Following her imminent resignation, Warren and Markey released the following statement: Rachael Rollins has worked for many years for the people of Massachusetts and for equal legal justice. We will regard her choice.”

The Associated Press and Josh Gerstein contributed to this report.

Source – Politico