Sydney Doctor Peter Alexakis Inherits $24M After Legal Victory

Dr Peter Alexakis will acquire $24 million remaining to him by a patient in the wake of winning a long-running court fight against The Salvation Armed force and the ­deceased man’s ex-colleague and companions.

Alexakis, a specialist from the Sydney suburb of Strathfield, denied in the NSW High Court allegations of committing “extortion” and applying unnecessary “impact” on his 83-year-old patient Raymond McClure.

As per The Day to day Transmit, McClure had composed two wills a very long time before he passed on from malignant growth in 2017 that left the specialist a large portion of his $27 million bequest.

Prior variants of McClure’s will left the majority of his abundance to his 40-year colleague Straight to the point Camilleri, long-lasting companion Hildegard Schwanke and her family, and The Salvation Armed force.

Judge Patricia Henry ruled on May 16 that the claims of fraud and undue influence made by the previous major beneficiaries, who challenged the validity of the wills, were not supported by evidence.

From June to October of 2017, Dr. Alexakis made 92 visits to McClure’s home and regular hospital visits, according to the court.

Judge Henry administered the wills were substantial, making ready for Dr Alexakis to gather the cash.

In an effort to prevent Dr. Alexakis from receiving the estate, Mr. Camilleri has filed a separate lawsuit against him in the NSW Supreme Court. That case is also being challenged by Dr. Alexakis.
Source – Greekherald

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