Response from Heartland Motorsports Park to pending Shawnee Co. litigation

In the midst of a tax dispute between Heartland Motorsports Park and Shawnee County, Shelby Development, LLC has issued a letter to voice its displeasure.

A letter got by KSNT 27 News from Chris Payne with Shelby Improvement, LLC gives a warmed reaction to a prior letter delivered by province authorities before in the month in regards to Heartland Motorsports Park. In their letter, the Shawnee Province Leading group of Area Chiefs said the recreation area hasn’t paid charges starting around 2017. The entire Payne response can be found below:

“We remain disappointed by Shawnee County’s persistent false narrative regarding Heartland Motorsports Park.” For instance, the “County staff” has never provided Shelby Development or Heartland Development with “tax incentives assistance” since the purchase. In their letter to the public, the commissioners also suggest that Heartland and Shelby now deserve to be taxed out of business because they refused to accept the never-offered tax incentives. As a result, the property and facility have lost almost all of their market value.

In contrast to previous owners, Shelby and his staff successfully owned and operated Hearltand for seven years. The Shawnee County Appraiser has repeatedly overvalued the property, currently valued at approximately four times its actual market value and purchase price in 2016, despite the fact that the County knows or should have known this Heartland-related fact. The most recent efforts by the County Appraiser to close Heartland include raising property taxes by another 30% in 2023. No fundamentally considering resident Shawnee Area would become involved with such fooloshness.

The Officials take cover behind the” legal advisor talk” and state they are not permitted to act and address the District Appraiser’s guileful direct; However, the County Appraiser is not obligated to follow the law by the Commissioners. We survive from the assessment that the entire long stretches of the valuations might be reseolved by the settlement of the forthcoming case. The law is not a menu from which one should select.

Because the property taxes alone are greater than the value of the property, no buyer or investor would purchase the property with a tax liability of $1,400 per day on top of daily operating costs for management, staff, utilities, maintenance, repairs, insurance, equipment, supplies, and more.

Shawnee County was successful in shutting down Heartland Motorsports Park before a possible trial, but unfortunately, justice moves slowly. Heartland, NHRA Nationals, and the Country Stampede will no longer employ hundreds of local men and women on a part-time or full-time basis. Several of the state’s largest events will not take place in the Community. A huge number of onlookers, fans, racers, team and sellers will at this point not come to the City of Topeka or the Province of Kansas to partake in these occasions and backing the nearby economies.

The Commissioner’s statement, “We would like to confirm our support for the Heartland Motorposts Park in our local community,” is a flimsy attempt to hide their true intentions. The main positive activity by Officials for Heartland and Shelby is to now embed themselves by and by into forthcoming suit. We are eagerly anticipating the State Appellate Court’s decision to grant us a trial by a jury of our peers. In the event that that allure isn’t effective, then the course has been set. As a reasonable matter, it might have been set as of now. The decision has been made, as our counsel has previously observed.

Source – Ksnt

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