Florida judge sides with Tiger Woods in NDA dispute against ex-girlfriend

Reuters – According to court documents, U.S. media reported that a Florida judge ruled in favor of Tiger Woods on Wednesday, rejecting his former girlfriend Erica Herman’s request to nullify a non-disclosure agreement she signed when they began dating in 2017.

Citing a recent law that restricts the enforcement of such agreements in cases involving sexual harassment and assault, Herman had asked a judge to annul the agreement.

In the court papers, Herman had not accused Woods of harassment or assault. Be that as it may, in a cover sheet going with the grumbling, her legal counselor Benjamin Hodas checked “yes” regarding whether the case included claims of sexual maltreatment.

She had also stated that “because of the aggressive use of the Woods NDA against her,” she was unsure whether she could disclose, among other things, the facts that she believed gave rise to legal claims.

According to the New York Times, Circuit Judge Elizabeth Metzger granted Woods’ requests to compel arbitration in her ruling on Wednesday, stating that Herman’s claims had been “implausibly pled.”

According to the newspaper, the judge wrote that Herman could have provided factual specificity for any claim regarding sexual assault or sexual harassment, but “she has not done so.”

An agent for Woods did respond to an email request for comment outside of regular business hours, but an attorney for Herman could not be reached immediately.

Source – Reuters