Elon Musk Documents Subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit: US Virgin Islands Investigation

Monday’s request by the Virgin Islands to serve Musk in another way because it was unable to locate and serve him brought to light the subpoena from April 28.

The U.S. territory’s attempt to subpoena Musk does not implicate him in any wrongdoing, and it did not attempt to question Musk under oath.

One of the richest people in the world, Musk, may have been referred to JPMorgan by Epstein, according to the Monday court filing in Manhattan’s U.S. District Court. The Virgin Islands’ interest in obtaining documents from Musk was not further explained.

Musk said late on Monday in a tweet that it was absurd to think he would take Epstein’s financial advice.

He said, referring to Epstein, ” That scumbag never gave me any advice at all.”

Epstein kicked the bucket by self destruction in 2019 in a Manhattan prison cell while anticipating preliminary on sex dealing charges.

JPMorgan is accused by the U.S. Virgin Islands of ignoring warning signs regarding Epstein’s abuse of women on Little St. James, a private island that he owned there.

The bank has stated that it is unaware of Epstein’s crimes.

The Virgin Islands requested any documents Musk may have regarding Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and the acquisition of girls or women for commercial sex in the subpoena.

Additionally, the subpoena requested any Epstein-related communications between Musk and Epstein as well as between the businessman and JPMorgan. The subpoena also covers documents pertaining to fees Musk paid to Epstein or JPMorgan.

History with the bank It was not clear how much of a connection Musk and Epstein had. The New York Times reported that in 2019, Tesla and Musk vehemently denied rumors that Epstein was advising Musk after the Tesla CEO got into trouble with regulators for claiming he had secured the funding to take Tesla private.

A Musk spokesperson stated to the New York Times at the time, “It is incorrect to say that Epstein ever advised Elon on anything.”

Musk is the second tech business person contacted by the Virgin Islands prosecution. U.S. Area Judge Jed Rakoff said recently the region might serve lawful papers on Larry Page, despite the fact that his decision didn’t determine the data looked for from the prime supporter of Google, which is claimed by Letter set Inc (GOOGL.O).

Musk testified in January in a lawsuit brought by Tesla shareholders that JPMorgan used to own all of Tesla’s commercial banking business. However, the relationship soured when the bank refused to support Tesla’s automotive leasing line.

That preliminary originated from Tesla investor guarantees that a 2018 tweet by Musk expressing he had “financing got” to take the carmaker private had deceived financial backers and caused them billions of dollars in punitive fees. The jury decided that Musk was not to blame.

In 2021, JPMorgan sued Tesla for $162 million over the “financing got” tweet, charging it caused the repricing of Tesla stock warrants. Tesla countersued the bank last year, blaming it for looking for a bonus.

Source – Reuters