Controversial Claims: Giuliani Accused of Rape, Racism, and Incompetence.

The previous Trump lawyer has been sued by Noelle Dunphy for horrendous demonstrations. In the lawsuit, she also says that, among other things, he offered presidential pardons for $2 million each.
Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor of New York City, is the one who is most frequently regarded as a complete prank among those who have worked for Donald Trump over the course of the past few years. He probably got that title because, among other things, he met and married his second cousin by accident, and they stayed together for 14 years. appeared in a scene from Borat Ensuing Moviefilm: With his hand on his pants, he delivered a tremendous bribe to the American regime in exchange for making money for the once-glory Kazakhstan; erroneously held a public interview beyond Four Seasons Complete Finishing rather than the Four Seasons lodging; held a press conference with his face looking like it was covered in hair dye; had his regulation permit suspended in New York and DC for political decision misrepresentation lies; settled on the choice to shave in an air terminal eatery; and appeared on The Masked Singer for a while. However, as per the claims in another claim, he’s likewise a shocking beast who consistently assaulted one of his representatives, among other sickening way of behaving.

Noelle Dunphy, the former director of business development for Giuliani, filed a 70-page complaint against the mayor-turned-Trump attorney late on Monday. In the complaint, she detailed a shocking number of unspeakable acts committed by the mayor. One of them was supposedly relentless sexual maltreatment, including assault. According to the complaint, “Giuliani began abusing Ms. Dunphy almost immediately after she started working for him” and “made clear that satisfying his sexual demands—which came virtually anytime, anywhere—was an absolute requirement of her employment and of his legal representation” were two of the reasons why he was abusing Dunphy. Here’s only one of the many examples, as spread out in the claim:

On January 25, 2019, Giuliani demanded that Ms. Dunphy remain in his Upper East Side apartment’s guest suite. Since Giuliani was her chief and lawyer, she felt forced to do as he asked and eventually consented to briefly remain in his visitor suite.

Ms. Dunphy was surprised to find that Giuliani had prepared alcoholic beverages for them when she arrived at his apartment. After they finished their drinks, Ms. Dunphy went alone to the guest suite. At the point when Ms. Dunphy escaped the shower, she was frightened to see that Giuliani had entered the visitor suite, excluded… . When she was ready, she said, she would meet him in the living room. However, Giuliani refused to leave. He sat down on the bed and drew his pants down.

“Giuliani then pulled her head onto his penis, without asking for or obtaining any form of consent,” states the complaint. He gripped her by the head. Ms. Dunphy realized that there was no way to stop him from having oral sex. She did it out of spite. What had transpired shocked and saddened Ms. Dunphy. She was opposed to any kind of sexual encounter with Giuliani. However, Ms. Dunphy was put under a lot of pressure to comply with Giuliani’s demands because she could not lose either her promised salary or her legal representation by the only lawyer she knew who was uniquely qualified.

The suit says that the yearly salary in question was $1 million, but Dunphy says that Giuliani told her that her pay would have to be delayed and that her job would be kept “secret” until his divorce from his third wife, Judith Nathan, was over. He allegedly asserted that his “crazy” ex-wife and her attorneys were keeping an eye on his cash flow and that if she learned that he had hired a female employee, she would “attack” and “retaliate.” Interestingly, Nathan claimed in 2022 that Giuliani owed her $262,000, which he was supposed to pay under their divorce settlement terms; Prior to that, a separate Nathan’s lawyer claimed Giuliani was working pro bono for Trump to lower Nathan’s income and, consequently, the amount of alimony he had to pay to his ex. (In hindsight, it appears that they were right!) Notwithstanding the seven-figure pay — of which the suit claims she would eventually see essentially none of — Giuliani had likewise consented to address her, free, in an abusive behavior at home body of evidence against a harmful ex. That could have seemed like an unselfish demonstration, yet:
On Walk 4, 2019… Giuliani told Ms. Dunphy that he maintained that her should end her aggressive behavior at home suit since he felt it was obstructing his sexual coexistence with her, and he didn’t believe that she should be “diverted” by it. Ms. Dunphy was promised $300,000 by Giuliani if she agreed to waive her legal rights against her abusive ex-boyfriend and if she would “fuck me like crazy.” “We won’t put that last part, we’ll say for other consideration not appropriate [to] mention,” Giuliani said after realizing what he had said.

If you can stomach it, here are a few more instances in which Giuliani coerced Dunphy into engaging in sexual activities:
He frequently requested oral sex while he accepted calls on speaker telephone from high-profile companions and clients, including then-President Trump. Giuliani told Ms. Dunphy that he appreciated participating in this lead while on the phone since it made him “feel like Bill Clinton.”

Giuliani frequently requested that she work stripped, in a two-piece, or in short shorts with an American banner on them that he purchased for her. They frequently worked remotely via videoconference when they were apart, and Giuliani almost always asked her to remove her clothes in front of the camera during those conferences. Under a white sheet, he was clearly touching himself and called frequently from his bed.


Ms. Dunphy was forced to have her first sexual encounter with Giuliani on February 25, 2019. Prior to this, Ms. Dunphy had rejected and tried not to have intercourse with Giuliani, despite the fact that he had constrained her to take part in other sexual contact. However, on February 25, Giuliani informed Ms. Dunphy that he would not delay having sex with her any longer. Ms. Dunphy objected and repeatedly stated to Giuliani that she did not desire sex. Be that as it may, Giuliani wouldn’t take “no” for a response. He ultimately constrained her into having sex with him. She never gave her consent to sexual activity, but she eventually gave up trying to stop him because it was clear that he would not stop putting pressure on her.

The suit claims that Giuliani “constantly pressured her into sex.” He also tried to get her to watch the 1999 film The General’s Daughter, in which a woman is raped and killed and Giuliani allegedly called it “sexy.” On March 4, 2019, Giuliani told Dunphy that he had a fantasyland in which they had sex in the lobby of a hotel room. He told the doorman: I require time alone with my daughter and girlfriend. With my young daughter.” “This became part of a pattern in which Giuliani referenced Ms. Dunphy as his ‘daughter’ in the context of sexual activity and made her extremely uncomfortable,” according to the suit. Another time, Giuliani said to Dunphy, “I think of you as my daughter,” “while engaging in sexual contact” with her. Is that unusual?” And that wasn’t the only unpleasant thing he said to her. Different remarks supposedly included:
“I will make it somewhat agonizing.”
“Stick it up your butt.”
“You’re a f****** slut.”
“You’re my snotty.”
“Be a liar! Be Rudy’s liar!
“I need to formally claim you. Legally. utilizing a document.
I’m losing control of myself. I let completely go. I think about you constantly. It is beyond my control. I’m dependent.”
I find it difficult to think about you. I become difficult even when I consider how smart you are.
stating that he would “get in trouble with underage girls” if they appeared to be 20 years old but were actually 16 years old. Moreover, all of the aforementioned statements were recorded with Giuliani’s knowledge. How could that be? Well:

During Ms. Dunphy’s job interview, Giuliani and her also talked about writing a book about Giuliani and Trump. Ms. Dunphy was granted permission by Giuliani to record both her interactions with Giuliani and those of Giuliani with other people at any time and from any location. Following that, Giuliani consistently granted Ms. Dunphy permission to make such recordings. He never demanded that she stop recording any of their conversations. On Ms. Dunphy’s cell phone, Giuliani occasionally pressed “record” to record their conversations.

Different things that were recorded? The suit describes some of Giuliani’s “alcohol-drenched rants that included sexist, racist, and antisemitic remarks.” Those tirades purportedly included:

Jewish men’s penises were allegedly small as a result of “natural selection.”
stating, “Black men hit women more than anyone else does… and so do Hispanic men—it is in their culture.”
declaring, “Jews want to go through their freaking Passover every single time, man oh man.” Move past the Passover. About 3,000 years ago. It was significant that the red sea parted. Not the initial time occurred.”
remarks regarding “freaking Arabs.”
“Demean[ing] and sexualiz[ing] Hillary Clinton and mock[ing] her body”
“Demean[ing] and sexualiz[ing] Margaret Thatcher” — indeed, Margaret Thatcher — and “wonder[ing] about the impact she would have on his penis”
Saying, “Assuming my life relied upon it, on the off chance that I needed to have intercourse to Nancy Pelosi, I was unable to make it happen. I would end up dead.”
Alluding to a worker as “fat” and saying he felt frustrated about her since she was fat; Additionally, he claimed that he was “trying not to feed” her, that “a female lawyer because of her breast size” was disparaging, that Mike Bloomberg “became gay” after his wife left him, that Matt Damon was a “fag,” and that Elizabeth Warren was: Warren does not appear to be a babe, whereas Pocahontas was a very attractive babe. She gives the impression of a person in search of a gender. Later, he added that the senator was “very hot” for him.)
stating to Dunphy: Dunphy claims that, after Giuliani first forced her to have oral sex, she asked him “for the name of the Human Resources director, because she was considering reporting what had happened.” He allegedly responded, “he did not have a Human Resources department and bragged that no one would ever sue him because he was connected to President Trump, and he had private investigators who would punish anyone who complained.” You’re so easy to take advantage of. Additionally, he allegedly “began isolating her from others” and “forbade her from seeing or talking on the phone with anyone without his approval” beginning the second month she worked for him.

Ted Goodman, Giuliani’s spokesperson, issued the following statement: City chairman Rudy Giuliani unequivically denies the charges raised by Ms. Dunphy. City hall leader Giuliani’s lifetime of public assistance justifies itself and he will seek after every single accessible cure and counterclaims.”

As it turns out, the suit blames Giuliani for being an attacker as well as a ridiculously terrible legal counselor. For instance, Dunphy asserts that he provided her with access to his email account, which contained “privileged, confidential, and highly sensitive” messages. Emails from, to, or pertaining to “President Trump, the Trump family (including emails from Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump)” were just a small portion of the inbox that she had unrestricted access to. Trump’s child in-regulation Jared Kushner; Louis Freeh, an ex-director of the FBI; Jay Sekulow, a Trump lawyer; Secretaries of State, previous helpers to President Trump like Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Kellyanne Conway; Jeff Sessions and Michael Mukasey, both former Attorney Generals; media personalities like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Rupert Murdoch; and a number of other notable individuals, such as Newt Gingrich, candidates for president of Ukraine, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Ailes family, the LeFrak family, Bernard Kerik, Igor Fruman, and Lev Parnas, as well as attorneys Marc Mukasey, Robert Costello, Victoria Toensing, Fred Fielding, and Joe DeGenova.”

Also, he allegedly asked Dunphy if she knew anyone who needed a presidential pardon because he was selling them for $2 million each, money he claimed he and Donald Trump would split.

And despite the fact that almost nothing about this horrifying suit is funny, there is one legitimately funny thing: Giuliani sought Ms. Dunphy’s assistance, among other things, in researching information via Google about obstruction of justice. The fact that the then-president’s personal lawyer allegedly told Dunphy on February 7, 2019, “about a plan that had been prepared for if Trump lost the 2020 election” is also relevant. Ms. Dunphy was specifically informed by Giuliani that Trump’s team would assert that there was “voter fraud” and that Trump had won the election. Giuliani and Lev Parnas discussed this plan at numerous business meetings.

Regarding crimes, such as attempts to overturn the election, on or about May 31, 2019,

Ms. Dunphy was instructed by Giuliani to delete her interactions with him. Ms. Dunphy was told by Giuliani not to talk to the FBI about him or any of the things she had seen while working for him. He also said he had access to professional investigators who could make her look bad, even though she was “very innocent,” as Giuliani admitted.

On January 7, 2021, Dunphy, per her claim, told Giuliani, “I feel frightened of you, and I don’t need you attempting to hurt me.” Her employment was terminated a few weeks later, and Giuliani allegedly sent her a text message that read: I had hoped you would overcome your baseless assertions that you were afraid and wanted to sue. This is simply not a reason for any type of correspondence. Apologies, I attempted to make it reasonable.”

Together, Dunphy has accused the former mayor of rape, “crimes of violence” and “crimes of violence motivated by gender,” assault, battery, gender discrimination, sexual assault, retaliatory discharge, and wage theft, among other things.

Source – Vanityfair