Contributing Legal Editor in Trinidad and Tobago

Contributing Legal Editor in Trinidad and Tobago: Expert Insights and Analysis

Contributing Legal Editor in Trinidad and Tobago - Expert Insights and Analysis

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BACKGROUND: The Organization of American States (OAS) established the non-profit organization known as the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF) in 1962. It is based in the United States. By advancing the principles of the Organization of American States and creating a Hemisphere of Opportunity for All, PADF’s mission is to help vulnerable and excluded people and communities in the Americas achieve sustainable economic and social progress, strengthen their communities and civil society, promote democratic participation and inclusion, and prepare for and respond to natural disasters and other humanitarian crises. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit

In 2022, PADF sent off Undertaking Effortlessness (Posse Decrease and Local area Strengthening) which is an award supported by the U.S. Branch of State’s Agency of Worldwide Opiates and Policing (INL) and which is being executed by the Container American Advancement Establishment (PADF) alongside the Trinidad and Tobago Police Administrations (TTPS).

The project is a technical assistance program that aims to make it easier for law enforcement to deal with security issues related to gangs. This errand will be achieved by reinforcing TTPS’ people group policing and insight drove hostile to pack endeavors through preparing and other instructive exercises.


PADF will hire a legal expert or practicing attorney with experience editing educational legal materials to support this project’s activities. Additionally, this individual should be able to write about complex legal issues in a clear and concise manner and have excellent legal research skills.

The contributing editor will collaborate closely with the PADF Senior Law Enforcement Advisor (SLEA) in order to edit and compile written contributions for the Offences Points to Prove and Authorities Guide, as well as the Gang Investigations Handbook, under the overall direction of PADF. This individual will typically:

Examine the content for clarity, readability, organization, grammar, and punctuation.
Conduct required research on legal topics for the Guide and Handbook.
Use a practical legal writing style to create educational legal content, checklists, and guidance notes.
Contribute to the creation of production schedules in order to meet project deadlines.
Inform the Senior Law Enforcement Advisor of the PADF of any pertinent work with the Guide and Handbook.
The service provider will also: for both the Handbook and the Guide:

Give visual depiction backing to the Aide and Handbook and help with choosing visuals, for example, stream diagrams and pictograms, to go with the composed text.
Guarantee exactness for referring to checking and rule checking.
As needed, work together with other people who contributed to the Guide and Handbook.
To stay current on the topics covered in the Guide and Handbook, you should look at case law, legislative documents, rules, and other publications.
3. Qualifications and requirements for service providers:

The specialist co-op ought to have the accompanying abilities and encounters:

Juris Doctorate with something like 10 years of criminal lawful involvement in a comprehension of the criminal preliminary cycles.
a regular at the local bar.
Exhibited insight in collecting and altering lawful instructive materials like handbooks and guides.
responds positively to opposing viewpoints and critical feedback.
proficient in common applications for personal computers, such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook).
Amazing relational abilities and advances joint effort and collaboration.
Respectability and responsibility
Social responsiveness and obligation to Variety
Elevated degrees of incredible skill and hard-working attitudes

The assessed start date of the agreement is July 2023. The agreement will have roughly a 2-month term.

5. Proposition Reports TO INCLUDE:

Candidates who are interested should submit the following:

A technical and financial proposal, two writing samples, a certificate of registration, incorporation, or continuation (if applicable), an income tax clearance certificate, a VAT clearance certificate, or a NIB certificate of compliance for each consultant, and the consultant’s resume or profile.

The application deadline is June 23, 2023, 11:59 p.m. AST (UTC -04:00). In accordance with these Terms of Reference, all application materials must be sent to
Quality of the bid: 90 days from the accommodation cutoff time.
Amendments: PADF reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the Terms of Reference document prior to the proposal submission deadline. These changes will be communicated via email or posted on the PADF website.
Justice Antoine,, must be contacted for any clarification requests.
7. Terms and Conditions of the Award This TOR does not require PADF to sign a contract or to pay any costs associated with the proposals’ preparation or submission. In addition, PADF reserves the right to reject any and all offers if doing so is deemed to be in the organization’s best interest. The winning proposal will be chosen at PADF’s sole discretion; individual evaluation results will not be shared.

Confidentiality During the solicitation process, neither potential nor actual applicants will be given access to any proprietary information that the bidder has provided. Price estimates, cost estimates, and technical proposals are all examples of this. PADF may, yet isn’t obliged to, post obtainment grants on its public site after the sales interaction has finished, and the agreement has been granted. The applicant scoring will not be shared among bidders, and the evaluation results provided by PADF are confidential.

Source – reliefweb

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