94 Women File Lawsuit Against OB-GYN for Sexual Assault, Judge Dismisses Case

Warning: Sexual assault and abuse are discussed in this report. The National Sexual Assault Hotline can be reached at 800-656-4673 or the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network can be accessed at http://www.rainn.org for additional resources.

An OB-GYN in Utah blamed for rape by almost 100 ladies might keep away from responsibility after an appointed authority tossed out their claim.

During their time receiving medical care in Utah, a total of 94 women, including a mother who spoke with NewsNation host Dan Abrams, claim that Dr. David Broadbent sexually assaulted them.

“Brooke” gave birth early in her pregnancy in 2018 at approximately 33 weeks. She was taken to Utah Valley Hospital in Provo by ambulance, where she would have her first child. She claims Broadbent, the on-call doctor, sexually assaulted her prior to the arrival of her child.

“I had only been there about two hours when he was saying he needed to do an exam on me. There were no charges for the San Francisco security guard in the fatal shooting. Inside that time, he did physically attack me,” Brooke told Abrams. ” Around then, it was my most memorable youngster. I wasn’t aware of what was normal.

Due to the fact that her husband and brother-in-law were both present in the room during the alleged incident, Brooke says she initially doubted herself, thinking that perhaps it wasn’t quite as bad as she had thought. Brooke initially concealed the incident out of concern that it might affect her ability to receive the necessary medical care.

It felt wrong when it first happened. Brooke stated, “I didn’t feel at ease.” When I talked to my husband, we both agreed that bringing it up could hinder my unborn child’s care, so we decided not to.

Brooke claims that from that point on, she began to experience severe anxiety and strong contractions each time Broadbent entered her hospital room. She spent roughly a week at the hospital and once expressed her concern to one of her nurses.

“One of the medical caretakers that I truly delighted in came in, and I inquired as to whether that was ordinary. Brooke elaborated, “She went and got a nurse manager. They told me they would escalate it and that I might have a different doctor for the rest of my time at the hospital.”

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At the point when she knew about other ladies’ comparative stories with the specialist, Brooke says she was “blown away.”

She stated, “It also validated that I wasn’t wrong, that it wasn’t something I made bigger in my head.”

In the lawsuit that was filed last year, the 94 women who are uniting against Broadbent are represented by attorney Anthony DiPietro. According to DiPietro, the defense attorneys for the medical establishments that Broadbent is associated with or has previously been associated with raised the issue with the court, suggesting that the sexual abuse lawsuit ought to be considered a case of medical malpractice.

DiPietro made sense of: ” In Utah, there was some legal ambiguity regarding whether sexual abuse qualifies as medical care. The initial trial judge made that decision.

DiPietro continued, “It is not medical malpractice,” and later added, ” Sexual assault, as we all know, is not medical treatment.
DiPietro thinks it was a lawful strategy utilized in light of the fact that clinical negligence cases have a more limited legal time limit in Utah. He claims that the law regarding medical malpractice and sexual abuse has since been clarified for use in subsequent proceedings.

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As indicated by DiPietro, there were different protests about Broadbent all through his residency that sounds excused.

“The institution would do what other institutions have done in this situation, which is lie to patients, deceive patients, and cover it up. DiPietro stated, “Covering up a crime is a crime in and of itself.”

According to ProPublica, Broadbent, who is now 75 years old, lost his privileges at the hospitals where he worked, voluntarily suspended his medical license, and is the subject of an investigation by the police for more than two dozen reports of sexual assault following the filing of the suit against him.

The following statement was made by Broadbent’s attorney to ProPublica: We will present our case in court because we believe the allegations made against Dr. Broadbent are unfounded. We will not disclose any information outside of the courtroom because this is an ongoing legal matter.

DiPietro anticipates that Broadbent will face criminal charges. They submitted an appeal to the Utah Supreme Court, which has agreed to hear the case.

Source – Newsnationnow