Rise of virtual litigation conferences

Modern times call for current resolutions! 

Today’s world is a small global digital village interconnected with every country. You can virtually reach any person on planet earth and do business with virtual offices with employees from all over the Globe. Especially after the situational crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic, companies worldwide are going online and shifting to digital ways. Like other industries, the law industry is also moving to online measures to grow and reach a wider audience.

In this post, you will get to know everything about the rise of virtual litigation conferences happening all over the world. If we talk about the basics, the purpose of a meeting is to reach the maximum amount of people and benefit masses. Various factors can affect the number of people attending a particular conference; among these are economic factors, geographical factors, knowledge, and advertising. We will be discussing each element in detail. However, you must have got an idea of the amount of hidden potential that a virtual conference holds in comparison to an in-person meeting.

All these factors combined have taught decision-makers holding these conferences to shift to digital and global ways to leave a broader impact. Let’s discuss and analyze why you should attend a virtual conference, and what is in it for you?

1. Expert sessions and latest insights

The field of law is one of the most competitive ones. New regulations made every day, and actions in other parts of the world often have repercussions worldwide. The concept of IP rights also originated from the west but was slowly adopted all over the world. People attending the conference are the first ones to get to know about changes in the business, which helps them take action before others.

Litigation Experts also tend to share leading trends in specific industries, which can help business owners and innovators stay ahead of the curve.

2. Enhanced brand value

Virtual litigation conferences enhance brand value by using legal tools and frameworks like IP rights. Virtual litigation conferences contain various sessions on IP and other devices. You also get a sense of approval and suggestions about your working model, which you can implement. Case studies of companies who have used these tools are shared to have a clear understanding.

Virtual conferences are full of people from diverse backgrounds, such as CEOs, CTOs, founders, counsels, legal experts, VCs, investors, etc. Most of the participants are on the lookout of new ideas and changes happening in the business world. Your brand gets recognized in such environments and has an everlasting impact.

3. Networking  

Networking is the most fruitful aspect of virtual litigation conferences. You are sure to interact with market leaders and amazing personalities who are leading the upcoming changes in particular industries. Networking helps you to understand the perspective of similar businesses working in other countries. You get to know many business insights that are not being applied to companies but have a lot of potentials.

4. Diverse audience in terms of experience

Virtual conferences are known to host people from different backgrounds, including startups, industry behemoths, founders, employees, and law enthusiasts alike. Sessions and keynotes are therefore addressed to a more massive crowd and contain diverse topics. Different perspectives are taken in Q&A sessions to understand every problem and suggest solutions.

5. Customers

Yes, you heard that right. Virtual litigation conferences are one of the best sources to get clients. Practically, there are two ways to get customers from these conferences. The first way is that usually conferences host talks from expert’s salespeople who teach you the leading ways to acquire customers. Recently, marketing automation and digital marketing methods to acquire customers digitally is on the rise. There are numerous ways to market your products and services online and acquire customers from all over the world.

Another method is networking and participants. CEOs of startups are usually struggling with legal formalities and looking for legal experts to handle intellectual property rights, filings, permissions, etc. These CEOs are open to discussions and knowledge sessions, which is the best way for you to acquire new customers. Likewise, for CEOs, conferences have VCs and investors, and they are open to being pitched.

6. Certifications and competitions

Most of the conferences offer certifications of participation and contributions, which give a massive boost to brand value. If you are actively contributing to a community at a conference, you will have the opportunity to advertise the same on your website, which will give a confidence boost to your future visitors.

These conferences also host a variety of competitions in various fields. Participating in these competitions will give you insights and recognition in the community. A lot of business and development happens within the city, and conferences are the best way to get your foot in the door.

One of the best upcoming virtual litigation conferences is Virtual World Litigation Forum 2020, taking place on September 08-10, 2020. The conference will be attended by legal stakeholders across the Globe. Discussions and forums on a variety of topics and recent challenges in the legal sector will discuss. You will get the opportunity to network with leading legal professionals and learn from them simultaneously.  

Let’s discuss some of the significant benefits of online litigation conferences while comparing them to physical conferences.

1. Geography and reach

Let’s assume that a particular conference is happening in Germany. The organization hosting the conference will majorly advertise the conference in Germany, and the experts flying in from other parts of the world will be in the minority. There will be lots of legal professionals and business executives from other countries willing to join the conference. Still, they might not consider the money and time devotion that they have to give. This particular factor limits the reach of such an event.

On the other hand, if the same conference held online, geography will not be limited to any of the participants. People from all over the world can join and contribute. It will exponentially increase the networking possibilities and the quality of the sessions. More experts can join the conference, and more revelations about the developments will make.

2. Advertising

Advertising is a big part of the promotions at every conference. Online litigation conferences can be advertised all over the world and reach a wider audience.

3. Economic factors

The cost of the physical location and the various linked things is reduced by more than 90% in the case of an online conference. The money saved can be utilized in advertising and arranging more experts and professionals from different industries. The cost associated with travel for people who will be joining from faraway places also vanishes. More participants can participate with reduced costs of passes.

4. Global contribution

Vision of the conferences enhanced to a worldwide platform in case of online litigation conferences. People from different regions of the world contribute extensively and have different points of view. Strategies used by particular country laws can also be implemented in other countries, thereby benefiting every participant.

Law Industry equally influenced by the changing times

In recent years, a lot of old law firms have transformed into virtual offices. Rising office rents, improved technologies, the culture of remote work, and work-life balance have resulted in the birth of virtual law firms, some of which have no offices anywhere. If a law firm can work without a physical location, conferences can undoubtedly do better.


I want to conclude by saying that web-based litigation conferences are on the rise and will continue to assert their dominance in the business world. These conferences are treasures of knowledge and new ideas that can change the outlook of modern businesses. We encourage you to participate in these conferences actively and positively exploit their benefits in your favor. Please let us know your experience and views about some of the latest conferences in the comments section!