How Technology Can Improve Law Enforcement

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is a global organization of law enforcement leaders that spreads new ideas, shares experiences, shares information, and establishes connections with other law enforcement agencies.

This year’s conference held sessions on new concepts, technology, real-world applications, and trends in law enforcement.AWS and our network of partners and solution providers are working on improving their relationship with law enforcement on the following topics:

Human and Kid Dealing: The law enforcement community is trying to stop human and child trafficking by dedicating two sessions to the subject. Thorn and Marinus Analytics use Amazon Rekognition to process data and information more quickly, reducing investigation times and enhancing information accessibility.

A Sea of Information: One of the most pressing issues facing organizations today is data, which includes body-worn cameras, mobile applications, and cloud storage. With the help of the cloud, organizations can save money, streamline processes, increase situational awareness, improve officer safety, and build community trust. To learn more about how data management can benefit law enforcement, download the “Data On-Demand” whitepaper from

Real-world situational awareness data: Leading a data-driven department can significantly affect time and expense. Visibility and situational awareness are enhanced when data are readily available. People responding to an incident may have better access to information thanks to body-worn cameras and mobile data. Learn how Lawrence Police Department improves through assessment, de-escalation, and interagency collaboration using body-worn camera data.

Collaboration between public health and safety to address the opioid crisis: A council of public health professionals is led by the AWS state and local team, which is in charge of overseeing the discussion regarding steps that can be taken to reduce addiction. For more information about the opioid council, contact or read more about it.

Response to a Disaster: When dealing with a natural disaster, your data should be the last thing on your mind. Our public sector clients can take advantage of a support service called the AWS Disaster Response Program. Customers can use the AWS Disaster Response Program to focus on mission-critical tasks. At the same time, AWS transports hardware to the base of operations, sets up deployable infrastructure based on customer requirements, and provides critical data and applications.